COP Members' statements

Joeri Colson, ESF Flanders, BELGIUM:

"The exchange of ideas, practises and methodologies in this learning network are inspiring for our work."

Birgitta Berhorst, Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, GERMANY:

“The COP finds ways to discuss different approaches on partnership in very practical way and to give results reality.”

Rania Oikonomou, Ministry of Labour and Social Security, GREECE:

“The COPs are the right tools to learn from experiences of other MAs and this is extremely valuable for us.”

Rui Fiolhais , Manager of the Human Potential Operational Programme, POPH, PORTUGAL:

“For me the benefit of the COP is that I understand much better what partnerships can offer. If I had known this before I would have delivered our OP in different way as I now have more trust in partnerships.”

Denis Leamy, CEO of Pobal, IRELAND:

"For me the COP offers a practical means of learning about partnership working from other European countries and offers an opportunity to forge links and develop collaborations."

Reiner Aster , Director of gsub - social business consulting mbH, GERMANY:

"Our critical friend peer review approach is unique. We communicate on the same "eye-level", discussions are very open. Recommendations from our peers are easier to hear and more easily accepted.”

Richard Deane, Pobal, IRELAND:

""For me, the COP PEO meetings help to demystify ESF programmes and bring clarity, expression and insight into to the goals of the programme."

Anette Scoppetta , Head of Co-ordination Unit of Austrian Employment Pacts, Kooo, AUSTRIA:

“Transnationality as practiced within the COP is a must for the future of the European Union.”

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