Partnership according to the ESF regulation

If you would like to see a short presentation about our network "Community of Practice on Partnership in the ESF" click on the picture below:

In order to get a mutual understanding on Partnerships and the structural funds regulations please read further:

  • Partnership as a governance mechanism: "The Member States shall ensure the involvement of the social partners and adequate consultation and participation of other stakeholders, at the appropriate territorial level, in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of ESF support." (ESF Reg. , Art. 5)

  • Partnership in projects: "promoting partnerships, pacts and initiatives through networking of relevant stakeholders, such as the social partners and non-governmental organisations, at the transnational, national, regional and local levels in order to mobilisefor reforms in the field of employment and labour market inclusiveness" (ESF Reg., Art. 3). Special attention is given to projects for social partners to increase their capacity: "Under the Convergence objective, an appropriate amount of ESF resources shall be allocated to capacity-building, which shall include training, networking measures, strengthening the social dialogue and activities jointly undertaken by the social partners, in particular as regards adaptability of workers and enterprises" (ESF Reg., Art. 5).

It is very important to understand that these are two quite different concepts. When discussing partnership one should always make explicit which concept one is using.

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