PEO Key Lessons Reports

The PEO Key Lessons reports inform on results achieved by the implementation of partnerships in MS/regions as well as on the lessons learnt during each COP Meeting.

The PEOs use a “critical friend” review model in which visiting COP members work together with their hosts as equals in a reciprocal relationship that promotes continuous learning. Critical friends use two complementary approaches: 1) they generate information through discussions that offer new perspectives or ideas; 2) they ask challenging questions or suggest possible changes. By acknowledging one another’s unique contributions and engaging in constructive dialogue the PEO Exploration process thus promotes the production of new knowledge and insights.

The structure of the PEO Key Lessons Reports is as follows:

  • Foreword by the EC and the MS as well as introduction by the COP
  • MS partnership practices:

    Short description of the MS partnership approach

    Short presentation of one or two best practices

    Summary of the discussion on the PEOs with other stakeholders

  • Summary of Key Lessons learnt prepared by the COP members as well as Contacts of COP

PEO AUSTRIA "Linking policy fields by partnerships: the Austrian Territorial Employment Pacts (TEPs)" (Vienna, 10 October 2011) click on the picture

PEO HUNGARY "Strengthening Local Employment Activities by Promoting Partnership" (Budapest, 6 - 7 June 2011) click on the picture

PEO IRELAND "The Irish Experience of Partnership Working in the Area of Gender Equality" (Dublin, 20 October 2010) click on the picture

PEO GREECE "Partnership Perspectives on Strengthening Local Development" (17-18 June 2010) click on the picture

PEO GERMANY "Partnership Practices on Enhancing Employability in Germany" (25-26 March 2010) click on the picture

PEO SWEDEN "Linking Regional Growth and Labour Market Policies via Partnerships" (17-18 November 2009) click on the picture

PEO PORTUGAL "Portuguese partnerships implemented within the scope of the ESF" (18-19 June 2009) click on the picture

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