Key Success Factors

The Key Success Factors Framework offers practical advice on how partnership can be encouraged throughout the operational Programme cycle at both programme and project level. Overarching pointers that need to be taken into account throughout this cycle include: accountability; participation and engagement; skills-building; and an appreciation of time with the development of mechanisms.

The detailed framework is provided that shares a series of factors that have been successfully used in different Member states to promote partnership during each distinct phase of the programme cycle:

  • Operational programme analysis and design – carrying out a contextual analysis, promoting an enabling environment, identifying synergies with other programmes, and encouraging stakeholder engagement in the analysis and design process.
  • Operation programme delivery planning – integrating stakeholders into programme procedures and setting up mechanisms for stakeholder involvement in projects.
  • Calls For and appraisal of proposals – supporting incorporation of partnership in project proposals and assessing partnership rationale and implementation mechanisms.
  • Animation during project implementation – providing ongoing support to partnership projects and building the capacity of stakeholders to actively participate in programme governance.
  • Monitoring and evaluation – Reporting on the status of partnership projects, promoting participatory evaluation at both programme and project level, and systematically feeding back lessons about partnership into practice.

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