PEO Exploration - Practies, Effects and Opportunities

The COP members exchange and learn about their ways in implementing partnerships with special attention drawn to processes and actions of governance. The areas of concern (governance, sustainability, transnationality and innovation) are explored by the COP. The COP will focus on the policy areas identified for ESF interventions, thereby examining PEOs:

  • Partnership Practices of Member States (MS) on all levels
  • Effects on policies as well as impacts for ESF target groups
  • Opportunities for improving policy planning and delivery

By doing so, the COP aims for increasing the innovation capacity on all levels.

Partnership practices comprise different approaches of MS in implementing partnerships adopted by ESF-OPs and other national and regional programmes. Such practices include the setting up of systems for stakeholder engagement on the one hand, and, the work performed by area-based partnerships. Since implementation of the partnership principle is heterogeneous in MS, the COP pools a variety of partnership practices. By exchanging different approaches a basis for mutual learning is built, thereby enabling MS to openly reflect their approach, assessing and validating good practiced guided by experts and based on evaluation reports, etc, filter best practices fitting to their own policy frame and, finally, implement it in the country (or parts of it). The tools shared range from practical products, such as application forms for area-based partnerships, to systemic methods and strategies on how to build up better communication mechanisms for interaction with other programme managers (e.g. ERDF) in order to improve interfaces between policy areas.

In doing so, the COP will build on competences and knowledge already established by its members. All members have comprehensive experience in implementing partnerships. Some of them have already been working with partnerships since decades, such as e.g. Ireland. Others recently started to make use of partnerships as policy tool to enhance policy outcomes, such as e.g. Romania.

Based on the implemented PEO Explorations within the COP, further investigation had been taken. Click here to see the COP analysis on partnership implementation.

See more information and the PEO Key Lessons Reports of the COP on Partnership in the ESF below:

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