COP Meetings

The COP Meetings & PEO Exploration are the COP core activity for identifying and sharing good practices. The objective of the COP meetings and PEO exploration is not evaluation but rather is seen as a critical friend approach in order to reflect different operational programmes.
In total, 8 face-to-face meetings will be held lasting 1 ½ day each (February, June and October each year until 6/2011). With the exception of the Kick-off meeting (held in Vienna, Austria on 11 February 2009) all COP meetings support on-the-spot exchange on partnership practices, are characterized by altering chairmanship system (each COP member takes over the chairmanship of at 4 months; 1-4/2009: AT), will reflect approaches practiced in the MS as well as develop key lessons learnt for other MS. After each meeting the PEO results will be summarized in the ‘PEO Key Lessons reports’. All COP meetings will have the following structure:

The Steering group, the COP core members, will sit together in advance or after the COP meeting in order to discuss further steps to be taken. The steering group will monitor project results and steer the project towards enhanced outcomes.Other topics of the steering group meeting include technical arrangements, such as subcontracting, travel expenses, etc.

The COP meeting consists on two parts, the actual COP meeting (the project status quo, upcoming events, new COP members, etc.) and the PEO exploration (the specific situation of the chairing MS on partnerships will be reflected on-the-spot and the PEOs explored).

The chairing MS will be invited to make the opening and closing speeches as well as propose the agenda for the whole on-the-spot visit. MS are advised to invite also other stakeholders (e.g. other MAs in the specific country such as ERDF MAs, etc., local / regional partnership managers, politicians, social partners, etc.) in order to discuss their approaches with other MAs. This method enables for reflection of the practice in the own country and strengthens the work done by the MAs in the specific country, thereby, raising the recognition by other stakeholders in the specific MS of the practice taken.

Lessons learnt for other COP members will be discussed and common approaches on good practices to improve multi-level governance, sustainability, transnationality as well as enhance capacities to innovate debated on the 2nd day.

The PEO Exploration will bring together up to 10 COP members as well as additional partnership experts of the chairing MS.

Several COP Meetings were held so far:

COP Closing and Reflection Meeting, Vienna, 6 December 2011

COP Meeting VIENNA "Linking policy fields by partnerships: The Austrian Territorial Employment Pacts (TEPs)", Vienna, 10 October 2011

COP Meeting HUNGARY "Strengthening Local Employment Activities by Promoting Partnership", Budapest, 6 - 7 June 2011

COP Meeting on "Burning issues", Brussels, Belgium, 19 January 2011

COP Meeting IRELAND "The Irish Experience of Partnership Working in the Area of Gender Equality", Dublin, 20 October 2010

COP Meeting GREECE "Partnership Perspectives on Strengthening Local Development", Chania, 17 - 18 June 2010

COP Meeting GERMANY "Partnership Practices on Enhancing Employability in Germany", Berlin, 25-26 March 2010

COP Meeting SWEDEN "Linking Regional Growth and Labour Market Policies via Partnerships", Stockholm, 17-18 November 2009

COP Meeting PORTUGAL "Portuguese partnerships implemented within the scope of the ESF", Lisbon, 18-19 June 2009

COP Kick-Off Meeting, Vienna, Austria, 11 February 2010

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