WELCOME to the Community of Practice on Partnership in the ESF.

This site has been converted to static pages.
It can no longer be edited, nor is it possible to post comments, or even to log in.

The project has ended at the end of 2011. However we happily continue to provide the documents and information contained in this site, albeit only as static html pages.

Thank you for your continuing interest!


The COP network comprises 12 members (7 ESF-MAs and 5 other Public Authorities or Technical Assistances) out of 9 MS/regions:

  • Austria: Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection (BMASK), ESF-MA as well as ZSI – Centre for Social Innovation
  • Belgium/Flanders: ESF-Agency Flanders, ESF-MA
  • Germany: Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, ESF-MA and gsub - Projektegesellschaft mbH
  • Greece: Ministry of Employment and Social Protection, ESF- MA
  • Hungary: National Development Agency, ESF-MA and Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour
  • Ireland: Pobal
  • Poland:“Cooperation Fund” Foundation
  • Portugal: Programa Operacional Potencial Humano, ESF-MA
  • Romania: Ministry of Labour, Social Solidarity and Family, ESF-MA.
  • The network is led by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection (BMASK), Austria. To read the definition of "partnership in the ESF" and to view a short presentation about our Community of Practice, please click here.

    Click here to read the short information sheet about our Community.

    To learn more about who we are, click "Mission and Activities"

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    To learn more about what Member States of the EU are doing in their structural funds programmes concerning partnership, click "Country analysis"

    To learn more on how partnerships can be supported in structural funds programmes, click on "Key success factors"

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    To learn more about past and future meetings check out the event calendar or click on "COP meetings".

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